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2021 Best Cheapest Crossovers and SUVs

The Americans liked this format for a very long time. Since then, it is the big cars with large engine power that have become a kind of personification of the United States. But times are changing, and old habits are difficult to part with. Therefore, for people in 2021, the era of low-cost and small ones has come, which have most of the advantages of older models, except for the huge carrying capacity of the trunk volume. Whether AWD, RWD or FWD, these affordable specimens continue to take the market by storm. Therefore, in the United States now they make up the bulk of purchases. Many local manufacturers are already seriously considering abandoning the production of sedans.
About the cost range and main features
MSRP for this category is from $17 000 to $24 000, and we aren't talking about luxury brands, because even the lower models are much more expensive. For this money, you'll receive the following benefits:
1. A powerful frame, if it's just a rigid reinforced bottom, is already a huge plus.Such an option is ideal for off-road driving without compromising body geometry.
2. Ground clearance that allows you to easily overcome obstacles. The large wheel diameter provides a smooth ride, suspension that can survive any challenge.
3. This body shape provides maximum safety for the driver, passengers and pedestrians, despite of abscence of airbags.
4. Off-road vehicles with leaf springs are able to withstand quite heavy loads. There is enough space in them to accommodate 5 people and all their luggage, especially if you install additional top rack.
Who usually buys inexpensive Crossovers
American families prefer to have a small and affordable ones for daily use. Relatively low fuel consumption and good cross-country ability make it easy to use both in the city and off-road. This is a family car suitable for safe shopping, nature or fishing trips, to the ocean or to the national park. 

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