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2021 KIA Seltos

2021 KIA Seltos Quick Overview
In the photos, the Kia crossover looks worse than in real life: in fact, interesting design elements get along well in a single ensemble. I especially liked the find in the form of long lines of LED running lights. True, in simple versions, instead of effective LED optics, there will be a simple halogen one. The same division is found in the new Kia Soul SUV. This is a good family car with increased ground clearance. It is adapted more for the city than for rough terrain, but this does not make it less valuable to buyers due to its attractive price and many additional options.
2021 KIA Seltos Pricing
The cost of this car starts at around $22,000, and the maximum modification in 2021 will cost $27,000. At the moment, these are only preliminary figures, because all the company's plans may change greatly. So far, nothing is known about additional options, but judging by other SUVs from KIA, we will have many pleasant surprises and amazing flexibility in equipment. It is not worth comparing this car with anything, because it is a new and completely unique development. It remains to wait quite a bit before the premiere and start of sales.

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